Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Days, nights, and the times in between

As the wind hums its free-spirited song
Overcast skies and the moist soil
Freeze the frame in a fragrant picture of bliss
When nature washes its world clean
As the morning spreads it warm colours of life
Or the poignant evening scents cast their shadow
I sit by the window, thinking of you
Wishing you were here, sitting next to me

Bright golden beginnings come day after day
Seasons flutter past in happy and frenzied frolic
Time stretches in a sensuous wait
The sunshine mellows and blossoms spurt their new hues
On branches, resembling light from a prism
When the bees buzz in my garden
I tread barefoot past these tiny rainbows, thinking of you
Wishing you were holding my hand as we walked together

The seductive blackness of the night takes over
Dreams beckon, calling me to a far-off happy land
Glimmering stars spot the skies, glittering fireflies light the porch
The thickness of darkened silence is everywhere
An intoxicating fulfillment trickles down my veins
And I give in and melt into a pleasured heap
I stare into the candlelight, thinking of you
Wishing you were here as we felt the love in each other

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The promise

In those rare hours of fitful sleep
I turn over to rest my head on that warm shoulder
To match the rhythm of my breathing
With the rise and fall of his
The cold emptiness opens its arms to me instead
The voice that brightens the corners of my heart
The ones I emptied to make space
For memories of you and me
And which still lie half-empty
Waiting for more to make their way in
The voice that makes me smile very so often,
With that gentle teasing, the occasional loving bullying
And words to comfort me when I am oft so low
The voice that brings to me without fail
Pristine sunshine streaming down that bright glowing orb
Even through hail, sleet, mist and snow
That voice I still wait for
The footsteps I still strain to hear
Peeking from right behind the corner
Making me wait, but telling me all the same
"It'll be worth the wait, you see."

Monday, August 08, 2011


Three hundred and seventy-three days
And mere few hours ago
I had shed that first tear.
I hadn't meant to let her go.
She just chose to leave me alone,
Promising to take away a little of my melancholy with her.
She had lied.
But she did lovingly graze my cheek,
And give me a  fleeting peck on my chin
Before she left me
In the company of my loneliness.
There were many that followed -
Each making the same promise,
And breaking it more mercilessly every time
Duping me, and then mocking at me
While the hurt fails to dissipate in the emptiness
And the madness finds fertile pain to grow on